A typical programme


(facilitated by IHD)

Typically we would introduce you to Be Fearless by facilitating a Fearless Leaders’ Masterclass. The purpose of this is to inspire a selected group of leaders and managers to become Fearless Champions across the organisation.

Leaders will learn and use the simplest of tools to discover for themselves how straightforward it is to shift their own limiting beliefs and the anxieties, doubts and inhibitions of others.

(facilitated by your own managers, leaders and trainers with direct support from our highly trained consultants as required)

Equipped with the be Fearless Platform, leaders can use a tried and trusted process of sharing the ideas and materials with colleagues or teams.

Learning is not done though workshops or training sessions but through open dialogue with teams, and the application of the core ideas to real business opportunities and challenges.

The key is that these learners do not need to be expert coaches or facilitators. By asking their people to browse the core materials, and by holding a short series of conversations about how they might apply to real business outcomes, leaners discover for themselves that they make stuff happen without the burden or delays caused by anxiety and inhibition.

(facilitated by us, and by the global membership)

A percentage of your people will become passionate champions of fearless behaviour. They will become a powerful internal capability network who will make BeFearless contagious around the organisation. For these people particularly the fearless platform will provide a growing source of ideas, tools and success stories as well as stimulating, though-provoking and entertaining contributions from the very best thinkers in the fields of leadership and behavioural science.

Members will be able to share their thoughts, ideas and success stories and connect with other members with similar interests.

Simple tools, transformational outcomes

In 2010 we created the IBM Fearless Programme together with a web platform to support learners, and make it easy to cascade to large numbers of participants. It was distributed to around 20,000 users across various business units and geographic locations. It had a swift and profound impact on individuals, teams and IBM’s financial returns, which were described as unprecedented.

With Be Fearless Global we are building a new version for release to businesses and consumers.

The platform is rich with the same inspirational and practical content that give members:

  • the tools to “hack” their own anxieties and fears that hold them back, and quickly boost their self-belief, courage and resilience

  • a deep understanding that their success, happiness and fulfilment are the by-product of the stories they hold in their heads

  • the tools to change any negative stories in their heads to stories more aligned with their goals and responsibilities

  • a deep understanding that individual success and collective achievement are almost invariably down to those people who drive towards an outcome with passion, self-belief and courage

  • a set of easy-to-master tools to have powerful one-to-one coaching conversations either conversationally (with friends and family) or formally (as part of managing and appraising performance)

  • the tools and skills to use the same coaching approach to transform the quality of thinking around team challenges and solution making

  • access to a growing community of other members from all walks of life, giving members a sense of belonging to a broad family of learners who share their own desire to live and work more fearlessly

  • curated “inspiration” from some of the greatest teachers in the fields of personal excellence and leadership

The explosion and impact of crowd learning

We are seeing an explosion of crowd-learning platforms because they work.

Top of the charts is TED.com which is perhaps the most accessed crowd-learning platform on the web. More recently Arianna Huffington launched ThriveGlobal.com to help people boost wellbeing. Many universities are making their content available to larger sections of society through online social learning platforms.

People are becoming habituated to browsing YouTube, TED, Thrive Global and countless others platforms to learn what they need to learn, when they need it, on a self-service basis. Through our work with IBM and PWC we have seen and tested the value of crowd learning. It reduces scepticism, encourages participation, makes connections, and ultimately provides a platform for discussion and debate which are both vital for deep and sustainable learning.

Knowing what to do, and even how to do something, does not make people do it. You can know about riding a bicycle, you can even have been taught how to do it competently, but it does not mean you choose to do it. Our job is to help you discover why you don’t do the the things that are well within your capabilities.

Making society fearless would be a bonus

We can impact the whole of society with Be Fearless.

A significant proportion of our stress is from life and home, and when we make Fearless ideas available to our families and friends, the impact becomes extremely rewarding. And contagious. .

To enable this, when you license BeFearless Platform for your organisation, we donate a number of vouchers to each of your employees to distribute free membership of the platform to their friends, family and local causes. Fearless conversations can now take place between life partners, parents and children, and between friends.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with your Corporate Social Responsibility team. We cover the costs and logistics of this community project.