BETA Release Explanation & FAQ

This is a BETA release of Be Fearless. From October to December 2019 the site is being developed, and populated with content to inspire you. In 2020 we will launch the Be Fearless Hack free of charge to the world. We hope to start a movement ... 

If you are here early, and curious enough to find this page, talk to us about becoming a Founding Fearless Enterprise


The Be Fearless ideas, tools and concepts are being built around the IHD's highly acclaimed Pathfinder Coaching Framework,  which became the core curriculum of The IBM Fearless Programme back in 2012.

'Pathfinder' is currently being re-conceived, re-scripted, and re-recorded as the Be Fearless Hack. This new version will become available on this site in 2020. 

In the meantime, we will post old Pathfinder Content here under The Hack


IHD is giving 25 years of Adrian Gilpin's intellectual property to the world. This is an expensive exercise and we are actively seeking Fearless Leaders who will work with us to cascade the ideas throughout their organisation and out into their communities. We will achieve this by giving access not only to your people - but their people; their friends, families and passionate causes - all with the strictest data protection and privacy policies, hardware and software. 

In return, we ask our Fearless Enterprises to make a commitment to using Be Fearless to support all other OD and L&D initiatives: doing so because it guides people over the chasm between knowing what to do and doing what they know. The value of this to an enterprise is incalculable. One giant technology company made the concepts available to 15,000 staff across Europe, India, and South-East Asia; they enjoyed a 430:1 return on investment - at least a £430million contribution to the bottom line. 

Now, these concepts are being made available to large enterprise, public sector organisations and charities in return for something other than money! Curious? Talk to us!


If you notice any bugs running around - let us know through Messenger Link or Email at the bottom of most pages. We have a team chasing these around right now.

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