Our job is to help you hack the anxieties, inhibitions and fears that hold you back.

Fear - in all its troublesome guises - is perhaps the most chronic and costly problem facing our world.

Whether at home in our relationships, at work in our jobs and careers, or out in society as we face the really big issues of climate, conflict and economics - we cannot change anything while we are full of doubt, worry, inhibition or insecurity. We need to be at our very best. We need our people to be at their very best.

As parents, teachers, managers and leaders we can - if we wish - develop extraordinary resilience to the delays, disappointments and disasters we will inevitably encounter in life.

The wellbeing of our children, the sanity and safety of our university students, the creativity and productivity of our workforce, the harmony and stability of our communities and the stamina and judgement of our leaders are all completely dependent on us being able to transcend the everyday anxieties and inhibitions that stress us out and hold us back.

Our fear response is programmed deep within us for a very good purpose: to help us ‭survive and stay alive. However, habitually seeking safety makes it hard for us to thrive. At least, until we understand how to hack the mental and emotional processes that trigger fear and courage, doubt and certainty, inhibition and confidence.

We all feel fear - all of us - without exception. Everyone!

It delays, and sometimes destroys, our hopes of happiness, success, and fulfilment.

And it is, without doubt, the single largest and most insidious overhead carried by any organisation.

Everyone: imagine how life would be if you were able to habitually quieten your own nagging doubts and inhibitions. How would things change for you?

Leaders: imagine the quantum shifts your organisation would make if all your people developed the same shifts in their confidence and courage.

There are very few business leaders who still question the importance and the financial value of having people with “the right mindset”. Easier said then done which is why not much is done. Fearlessness is not one of the great mysteries; it is within arms reach of everyone.

We do this with the simplest of thinking tools at the cutting edge of behavioural science.

In 2010 we created the IBM Fearless Programme together with a web platform to support learners, and make it easy to cascade to large numbers of participants. It was distributed to around 20,000 users across various business units and geographic locations. It had a swift and profound impact on individuals, teams and IBM’s financial returns, which were described as unprecedented.

With Be Fearless Global we are building a new version for release to businesses and consumers.